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· A perfect experience of the cultural and societal sector in France and internationally
Realms of competency: contemporary art, modern art, photography, ancient art, architecture and urbanism, graphic arts, cinema, gardens, dance, design and decorative arts, history and civilization, art market, music, sponsorship, heritage, performing arts, cultural tourism, society, luxury, lifestyle, fashion, sciences, environment sport…

· The will to always propose a strategy and a specific method, as closely as possible to the project

· An internationally oriented team with English-, German-, Italian-, Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking collaborators

· A capacity to adapt to the evolutions of the project

· A performing website, a real communication relay for your event, daily updated and from which journalists can download press releases, press packs and images by using a personalized access code

· An active social media presence through the daily work of our community manager who relays all current information on the events confided to the agency

· A relation of proximity and a collaboration based on mutual trust in order to relay as best as possible the identity of the cultural project in close and constant exchange with its general director, its artistic director and the persons in charge of press relations at the organizing institution

· A network of partners and sponsors close to the agency can be mobilised in order to amplify the means of communication on the event