7 million! Soldiers who were prisoners in the Great War

26 June - 20 December 2019

As part of its programme of twice-yearly temporary exhibitions, the Verdun Memorial, in partnership with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), has chosen this year to put the spotlight on the soldiers who were captured during the First World War, a hundred years after many of them came home. The exhibition, which is entitled “7 million! Soldiers who were prisoners in the Great War”, looks at what happened to these men: their journey to the country where they were held captive, life at a camp, the places where they worked, and then their return home…

Projections, photographs and personal and public archive records punctuate the tour route featuring a hundred and fifty items from the Verdun Memorial’s collection, the ICRC’s archives, partner museums and private collections. Personal accounts, artists’ works and remarkable and authentic sound recordings are showcased in a display that is in keeping with the very embodied approach that the Verdun Memorial now takes.

This exhibition staged in partnership with the ICRC will be extended by a presentation of the ICRC’s work in relation to prisoners from the time of its creation to the present day in a fifth area.

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