Viva Leonardo Da Vinci ! 500 years of Renaissance(s] in the Loire Valley


All throughout 2019 the Loire Valley will be celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Renaissance, commemorating the death of Leonardo da Vinci at Amboise, the beginning of the construction of the Château of Chambord and the birth of Catherine de Medici in Florence.


The Loire Valley region, which is considered as the birthplace of the French Renaissance, will celebrate the artistic, scientific and intellectual effervescence of the Renaissance in France. The festivities’ programme will cover major themes from the Renaissance in many different areas like arts and literature, music, gardening, science and technology, architecture, craftsmanship and gastronomy.

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French press: Leïla Zamiati

French and Italian press: Eleonora Alzetta

International press: Bettina Bauerfeind

Sarah Heymann